Shipping Information

At Tang Gang Corals, we understand the importance of getting your coral treasures to you in the best possible condition. That's why we've designed a comprehensive shipping policy to ensure a safe and efficient delivery process.

Shipping Rates

We take pride in offering fixed-rate shipping for our valued customers, providing transparency and affordability. Whether you reside within the great state of Texas or outside of it, we've got you covered:

  • Texas Residents: For our fellow reef enthusiasts in Texas, our fixed-rate shipping fee is just $35. We believe in supporting our local community of coral enthusiasts, and this rate ensures you get your orders quickly and affordably.

  • Outside Texas: For our friends outside the Lone Star State, we offer a fixed-rate shipping fee of $45. We want to make it convenient for all reef keepers, no matter where you call home, to experience the beauty of Tang Gang Corals.

Shipping Method

We trust UPS Next Day Air to handle the transportation of your precious corals. This reliable service ensures that your orders arrive swiftly and safely at your doorstep. With UPS Next Day Air, we can minimize transit time, reducing stress on the corals and maintaining their pristine condition.

Shipping Process

When you place an order with Tang Gang Corals, our dedicated team springs into action to ensure your corals are packed securely and ready for their journey. We carefully select and inspect each coral, preparing them for transport in our state-of-the-art packaging.

Our shipping process includes:

  1. Coral Inspection: Our experts meticulously inspect each coral to guarantee its health and vitality before it leaves our facility.

  2. Secure Packaging: We use specialized packaging materials designed to protect your corals from temperature fluctuations and physical stress during transit.

  3. Next Day Delivery: Your order will be shipped via UPS Next Day Air to ensure the fastest and safest delivery possible.

  4. Tracking Information: Once your order is on its way, we'll provide you with tracking information, so you can monitor its progress right up to your doorstep.

Delivery Time

With UPS Next Day Air, you can expect your corals to arrive at your address within 24 hours of shipment. This rapid delivery ensures minimal disruption to the corals and allows you to acclimate them to your reef aquarium as soon as possible.

Delivery Guidelines

To ensure a smooth delivery experience, we recommend the following:

  • Be available to receive your coral shipment on the scheduled delivery day.
  • Carefully inspect your corals upon arrival to ensure they meet your expectations.
  • Follow our acclimation guide to transition your new corals seamlessly into your aquarium.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns about our shipping policy or your order's delivery, please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated customer support team. We're here to assist you every step of the way and ensure your coral-keeping journey is a success.

Thank you for choosing Tang Gang Corals, where your reef comes alive through our commitment to quality, care, and reliable shipping!